Ceramic Coating

  • Paint Correction
  • Call for Pricing

Executive Full Detail

  • This will include, interior and exterior detail.
  • Polish and Wax sealant on exterior finish and headlight restoration if needed.
  • If no headlight restoration is needed minus 90.00.
  • Call for pricing

Exterior Detail Only

  • Clean engine bay
  • Wheels and tires, wheel wells
  • Foam wash, air dry, clay bar wax, dress plastic and wax sealant.
  • Tire dressing and clean windows.
  • This will also include regular cleaning of the interior ( wipe down and vacuum).
  • Call for Pricing

Interior Only Detail

  • Steam cleaning of all parts of the interior.
  • Vents, dash, cup holders, door panels, seats, door jambs, carpet shampoo and floor mats with heated extraction, clean headliner, condition plastic and leather.
  • This detail will include a regular wash of the exterior, (wash, dry, tire dressing).
  • Call for Pricing

Premier Full Detail

  • This will include everything an interior detail and exterior detail.
  • If it needs headlight restoration add 90.00
  • Remove from exterior detail regular cleaning on interior and interior only detail remove regular wash on the exterior.
  • Wax Sealant
  • Call for Pricing

Regular Wash

  • Interior wipe down
  • Vacuum and exterior foam wash
  • Clean wheels, and tires
  • Rinse, air dry, clean windows and tire dressing
  • Call for Pricing

Supreme Wash

  • This will include everything a regular wash is as described.
  • Add Clay bar and Wax Sealant.
  • Call for Pricing